Practice Card

Here’s an extra for when you lose one. Scroll to see expectations and instructions.

At the beginning of each week, our students are required to fill out a Practice Record documenting their practice schedule from the prior week. This is a log that records what they practiced, when they did so, and for how long. Practice Records are a daily grade worth 60% of their final average. These logs are not only important as daily grades, but they are vital for your student’s improvement, progress, and ultimately, their success.

Each week your student is required to practice a minimum of 120 minutes to receive a grade of a 100. They are more than welcome to practice for a longer period for extra credit as well as their own benefit. They may divide that time over each day, so if they practice 20 minutes each day, they will have practiced a total of 140 minutes for the week and receive a 100. They must record what they practiced – did they work on a specific piece of music or did they work on scales and arpeggios? We want to know what they worked on in order to better assess their skills.

The due date for Practice Records is every Monday. If they turn them in on Tuesday, it is 10 points off, and if turned in Wednesday, it is an additional 20-point deduction. For clarification, if they only practiced 70 minutes that week and turned it in on Wednesday, they would receive a 60. If your student was absent on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, they must make a note of that on the record, so we will only deduct the correct amount of points. For example, if they were absent on Monday, but turned it in on Wednesday, we would only deduct 10 points. If they were absent on Monday and turned it in on Tuesday, we would not deduct any points. Again, they must make a note of it so that we are awareWe will not accept Practice Records after Wednesday unless the student was absent on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Finally, we will not accept the Practice Record without a Parent’s or Guardian’s signature.